Darianne Riggs and Mrs. Deedee combineMt. Zion academy has been more than child care for my children; they have been our family. My children receive the same love and support that most extended family provide which is one of the reasons I can’t and won’t leave; that is until they are too old to attend. The Mt. Zion Academy provides wonderful educational outings such as visits to The Children’s Museum, Art Museum and the Zoo. The children have had opportunities to receive tutoring, mentor sessions and even swim/tennis lessons. I would like to thank them for all they do and let them know they’re appreciated. Thanks for all your hard work, dedication and affection you show our kids!! I can work peacefully knowing they’re in good hands!!  Darianne Riggs, Mother to 5


Terry JohnsonMy daughter first came to Mt. Zion Academy when she was two years old. I was referred by a family member after having a bad experience at one of the large daycare chain facilities. I found what I was looking for at Mt Zion. As soon as I walked in I felt a sense of family and security. I didn’t feel like I was sending her to a daycare but to a family. Although there have been many changes over the years, a strong sense of family remains at Mt. Zion. My daughter will soon be leaving as she approaches 13, but will continue to keep in touch with the extended family we have at Mt Zion. Terry Johnson



t-collyearMy daughter was at Head Start but I moved her to Mt Zion Academy because of the curriculum. I believe that she learned more in a shorter time frame at MZA. If she had to be absent from Mt Zion she was very upset. I get the atmosphere of family at Mt Zion and my children thrive. T. Collyear




I’m glad for the staff. They make me feel comfortable leaving my son in their care. Ebony WilliamsMs. Diana is a sweetheart and I hope she stays in the care of children. Ebony Williams 





t-evansMy son started attending Mt Zion Academy at the tender age of 2. He was shy and unsure of a new school and teacher. He was welcomed with open and loving arms. Not only did he start learning instantly but he did not cry when I left him. He is now four and continues to soar at Mt Zion Academy. God fearing staff and a sense of family are only a few good attributes of Mt Zion Academy. D. Skelton I found Mt Zion Academy, a haven in my neighborhood. All of my children learn and thrive at MZA. I feel comfortable knowing that they are safe and happy! I am grateful to have this resource in the community. T. Evans



Natalie-UI have 10 children who attend Mount Zion Academy. This center has been more like family, and my children enjoy it. I really appreciate the time and effort the teachers put into activities for the children. Natalie U.